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Plovdiv – The old town

The old town in Plovdiv has everything that is needed for a truly romantic escape: beautiful architecture, nice food, interesting people and ancient history. The first evidences for human presence on these lands are from 6, 000 years ago.

 The town has changed it’s name many time through the ages – Evmolia, Philipopolis, Paldin, Trimontium, Pulpudeva, Philibe… It’s rulers also have changed frequently –  Thracians, Byzantines, Romans, Slavs, Proto-Bulgarians, Crusaders, Ottoman Turks. Each of these civilizations has left behind the scars of their culture. And that’s why the culture of Plovdiv is so interesting and attractive.

You can be close to the majesty of Plovdiv – just make one full tour all around the town. Make a long walk on the steep paved streets and you will feel the atmosphere of the Renaissance era.

A big part of the old houses are preserved and restored. There are also a lot of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other interesting places.

The most romantic part in Plovdiv is the medieval Hisar kapiya – the eastern gate of the old fortress wall. It’s a symbolic entrance to the past of Plovdiv and it’s often used for a wedding photo session’s décor.

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