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Tsigov chark

Tsigov chark is a mountain resort that is located on the Batak dam’s coast (in Rhodope Mountains). It’s the first beautiful one from the whole series of dams in Rhodope Mountains.. They are really close to the road from Batak to Dospat.

Аt its end there is a little uninhabited island that breaks the landscape and gives a lot of romance to the place. Тhere are plenty of villas and family hotels along the coast that offer overnight stays overlooking the islet. You can mentally transport it to him in the morning while you are enjoying the coffee on the terrace.


The dam is located at the foot of the third highest peak in the Rhodope Mountains – Golyama Sutka (2186 m).  The air here is very clean and smells of pine twigs. In the summer there are many opportunities for fishing and water sports – cycling, boating, jetting.

The mountain resort of Velingrad is very close to Tsigov Chark. Known by its nearly 80 mineral springs and beautiful scenery, it is designated as the spa capital on the Balkans.


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