You’d like to shoot somewhere, where the nature is still wild and pure? You prefer a quiet and peaceful beach, where you can be completely free?

Then you should visit Tyulenovo now! That’s a small village near Shabla (Nord-East Bulgaria), known by it’s unique rocky coast. It’s a perfect place for diving or any kind of extreme experience.

You can’t find people lying on the sand in Tyulenovo, simply because there is no sand in there! Just rocks! It’s really stunning – just take a look!

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TVC is a film and TV commercial production and service company working in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. Here at True Victory Co, we help production houses from all over the world create and make professional shoots, commercials, ads, fashion videos and photo shoots, corporate and music videos at the highest possible level. We operate full-cycle: a thorough pre-production, production with the best European crew and post-production at the local facilities. We also provide an easy and smooth way to get a tax rebate for your project. True Victory Co offers an impeccable service that comes together with the most competitive prices in Europe.

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    Once you’ve seen the coast in Tyulenovo – you’ll remember it for a lifetime. We promise, you won’t forget it! That’s impossible, because the view is awesome!

    The shore is dotted with bizarre rock formations and caves.

    The old name of Tyulenovo is Kalach Kyoy * (Village of the Sword). In 1942 the name was change into Tyulenovo (which means Sea Calf in Bulgarian), because of the herd of Sea Calfs that lived on the shore.

    Nowadays, there are no sea calfs anymore, but the name of the village – Tyulenovo, still reminds of these interesting sea animals.

    Tylenovo is a perfect destination for film shooting, because it looks really exotic and wild. The place is like a majestic fairy tale – you can shoot fantasy, sci-fi, action or any kind of romantic story. The beach is also appropriate for advertise shooting.

    You can shoot whatever you want – just free your imagination, you don’t need any limits. Just come up freely with your original ideas! Think about the advertise of your dreams, and our experts will help you to create beautiful and meaningful final product.

    Tyulenovo reminds somehow of Azure Window (Malta) or Corfu (Greece). That means that there is no problem to recreate movie scene from there.



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