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Belogradchik Rocks – Real Heaven on Earth

Belogradchik Rocks are probably the most bizarre rock formations in whole Europe. They are situated in Belogradchik – this is a small town in northwest Bulgaria.

Belogradchik Rocks are a preferred destination for tourists from Bulgaria and all over the world. It’s a perfect location for enjoyable walks on fresh air.

The Rocks are also popular place for shooting video advertises and movies, because they are plenty of opportunities to make beautiful frames in there. The lovely landscape shows bright view from above and there is no such a suitable place for movie scenes like the Belogradchik Rocks.

Each rock formation bears a name: Adam and Eve, The Schoolgirl, The Bear, The Shepherd boy, The Dervish, The First slabstone, The Camel, The Mushrooms, The Cuckoo, The Red wall, The Madonna, The Horseman, The Monks, The Mental stone, Rebel Velko, The Pine stone and so on, and each one comes with a story.

Among two of the most famous and most curious legends surrounding the rocks are that of the Madonna and the Schoolgirl. In the legend of the Madonna, a beautiful nun falls in love with a man on a white horse, gets pregnant, is cast out by the monks and as she is leaving the nunnery, day turns to night and all, Madonna, monks, man on the white horse are turned to stone forming the rocks.

Look at this marvelous nook paradise and you fall in love with it – for sure!

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