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Inlove with the wind

You need a place that looks exactly like the castle of your children’s dreams? Don’t worry, you can find this place in Ravadinovo. Ravadinovo is a small village on the Bulgarian’s Black Sea Coast, near Sozopol.


The Castle of Ravadinovo is created by Georgi Tumpalov. He is the king of the beautiful building. The castle wears the mellifluous name “Inlove with the wind”, and that is a symbol of the so called “King”‘s dream. He never gave up on it. And what about this dream?

There is an interesting story about the construction of this castle. Georgi’s deepest dream was to have his own castle – so he built one for himself. That’s it. This castle has no historical heritage, but I think that this is the most interesting part about it.

The atmosphere in there looks pretty nice. The Castle of Ravadinovo combines various building and decorating styles and materials and it is definitely interesting to see what some ancient castles must have looked like when they were new. The details are made of innovative details and quality materials. Many visitors perceive The Castle of Ravadinovo as an utterly mystical and romantic place, for others, it is the closest to a Disneyland or fairy tale adventure which they can experience in this part of the Balkans. The best way to describe the Castle of Ravadinovo is probably in a statement made by one of its visitors – ‘this is the most unusual building in the most unusual location’.

The castle of Ravadinovo is an attractive destination for everybody. There you can shoot whatever you want, whatever comes to your mind through your imagination.

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