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The ancient fortress of Perperikon

The name Perperikon is known from ancient ages as the name of the episcopate and the fortress that is located on the highest point of the hill. But there is one thing that excites the imagination on a provocative way – and that is the 80-meter-long and 30-meter-long palm-shaped palisade in the rocky massif. Actually this massif is an interesting  architectural complex of staircases, corridors and halls. In the middle there is a throne room with remnants of a stone throne. Next to this palace, on the highest hillside terrace, archaeologists have explored another similar building, the purpose of which will be clear after thorough research.

The impressive dimensions of the Perperikon palace and its peculiar structure are the real prove that it also had a religious purpose. That gives the researchers the basis for believing that this is the prosperity and the famous sanctuary of the ancient Greek god Dionysus. The same thing that scientists have been searching for in different places in the Rhodope Mountains for years.

According to the legends in Perperikon lived a spokeswoman who once visited Alexander the Great. She predicted that he would create a huge empire in there. And that is exactly what happened in real life.

The city of Perperikon originated on an earlier settlement and a rock sanctuary, experiencing periods of prosperity and misery, and survived until the 14th century.

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